7 Fashion Mistakes Men Overlook While Pulling Off An Outfit.

Fashion has become an integral part of our lives. It’s more like an introduction for us. It speaks about our character and certainly sets the vibes that are around us. We are always talking about the hottest trends and the latest fashion ideas, but today we are doing the opposite of that. We’ll discuss the things you should not be doing and fashion mistakes that are killing your style. So today We are going to look at 7 style mistakes that we usually overlook when we are trying to pull off a killer outfit.


  1. Wearing ill-fitting clothes: - This is probably the biggest style killer in the game and that’s why it tops the list of fashion mistakes. You can buy the nicest, the coolest, the most expensive outfit that you can think of but if it not fits you properly it will not look good eventually. Jeans, suits, baggy tees are probably the NO. 1 issue here. Imagine this, a $200 branded jeans that are too baggy around your ankle and doesn’t fit you properly versus a Normal $50 jeans that are well-tailored and show off a bit of your ankles if you’re rocking a sneaker. Easily, the $50 jeans will win the game here. Remember If it doesn’t fit you properly, that is money wasted. Instead, get it tailored.



  1. Bad Personal care: - People will literally not care if you wear the best designer piece in the party, if your hair is all messed up, you stink or you have food stuck in between your teeth. You’re not going to be attractive anymore. Experiment with your style, get a nice fresh haircut, have basic skincare, grooming and make sure you look tidy. If you don’t know let me tell you, there’s a style related to every outfit. Just put some effort into the way you look.



  1. Backwards Hat: - I’m sorry here If I offend anyone (Pokémon fam) but If you're wearing a backwards hat it will most likely not look good, it downgrades your style down to 2 points on a scale of 1 to 10. This will separate you from a classy looking man to a funkier shabby looking teen who doesn’t care about the way he dresses. Look, if you're rocking a backward hat when you’re at a gym or hiking its fine but I see people going with a backwards hat to dinner, on dates, and at bars. You shouldn't do that. There’s a time and place. While hats as a whole restrict your style, it also doesn’t allow you to show off your hairstyle. So, wear a hat when applicable, but don’t overdo it.



  1. Dressing the same as your friends: - well, twinning hashtags might be trending worldwide. When you hang out with the same group of people over and over again, this might happen at some point in time. You see your friend rocking a nice graphic tee and you think that you should own the same but that’s not the way to go. If it looks good on others that doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you. You should have your own style. As I said before, style is like an introduction of yourself, so don’t have the same identity as of your friends. Be different, be unique.



  1. Vibrant colors: - This is also a key tip for when you’re building out your wardrobe. I have seen people having no sense when it comes to matching colors. For example, someone trying to pull off some purple chinos with an orange shirt and a red hat. You need to stick to the basics. Stick with colors like black, white, grey, navy blue. These colors are not only soothing to our eyes, they are quite versatile as you can match it with almost every outfit. If you take care of this, you also end up saving a few bucks on clothes and not buying a color that just doesn’t look good on you.



  1. Not trying out different accessories: - Accessories are the things that make you stand out from the crowd. This makes people think that you put some effort into the way you look. Just pulling off a watch, throwing some rings on or bracelets can elevate your style to a whole new level. My personal opinion is that you should add some accessories in your outfit. WARNING! Don't try too hard or don’t wear anything that screams attention.



  1. Bad posture: - Now let’s say you followed every single tip. You have nice clothes, you got them tailored, you have a great hairstyle, with nice accessories. But, now you sit slouching your back, it kills your whole game. People are just not going to take you seriously no matter how well you dressed. It looks like you’re tired, sloppy and it’s a No.1 confidence killer (style killer as well). Just by sticking out your chest you appear to be more confident and you seem like a guy who can get things done.


Although there are many more style killers that we can probably write a whole book on, these 7 points are just a sum of a few game and style killers. Just remember for a bonus tip; you can’t control your genes, but you can control a thing called “style” and you have complete command of that. We can’t certainly change what God has gifted us, but we can put our best foot forward in making ourselves more attractive.